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Tür hardcore survival
United Kingdom
Son Güncelleme06 Mar 2022
Katılım Tarihi07 Jan 2021


Minecraft Hardest Survival Server

Try to SURVIVE on your own and FLOURISH Or Team together and Create the most powerful KINGDOM



RULES No Hacking No X-ray

ONE WORLD No Nether No End Only Overworld. Nether and End Items and Mobs Spawn In Overworld

DEATH ON LOG OUT If you take damage and try to log out you will die. Wait until the danger tag is gone before you log out.

GRAVITY Trees Fall - Cobble Stone Can Fall When Mined

REALISH BUILDING Cannot Place Blocks In Mid Air or Directly Beneath Yourself.

WEIGHT You will sink in water if your too heavy. Use a Boat or Reduce Inventory When Swimming.

THIRST Manage your H20 Bar by drinking water

REVIVE Sneak and hold on top of a downed player to revive them.

DEATH Once you die your banned for 24 and all progress, skills, kingdoms will be lost and you will have to start a new life. go here to unban your self earlier so-you-died

CHAT RADIUS is 1000 blocks.

VOICE CHAT (100 block proximity) also but you must type /discord link in-game to use it. Then message ESHU BOT over there -------> with the 4 digit code and join the MINECRAFT VOICE lobby.

Addtional Features

KINGDOM - Make a Kingdom using /k create - Invade a Kingdom using /k invade

RELIGION - Create a Religion by placing a sign on the first line put god and on the second line put the name of your god. you can manage this by using /gods