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Discord Discord
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Durum Unknown
Son PingMonitoring disabled
Sürüm 1.15
Tür Safe Survival
United Kingdom
Son Güncelleme05 May 2020
Katılım Tarihi24 Apr 2020




Here at blazelite we provide you with adventure, innovation and a new experience all together.We offer you a Minecraft Server dedicated to Survival No-Grief, with a 150,000 by 150,000 worldborder to better facilitate your building desires.We are constantly tweaking our server with our custom-plugin configuration, our server spawn and our plugins to enhance our servers' enjoyability.

Grief Protection: Grief Protection allows you to claim your house and any buildings you may have. No one can grief your land unless they are trusted to your plot, make sure to use the golden shovel.

mcMMO: This plugin allows for an RGP-like levelling system with multiple stats.

Worldborder: The border is set to 150,000 blocks away from spawn.

Chestshop: The server shop is at spawn. You can both buy and sell items there.

Auction: Provides an easy way to buy and sell items to players.

NoCheat+: Down with the hackers!