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Hycraft is a Minecraft 1.15.2 java server centered around automation and a player-driven economy. We have several plugins to automate and create machines once thought only possible in modded Minecraft. With silk spawners, you can easily make a mob farm wherever you see fit by being able to move spawners wherever you want (if you got a silk touch pick). Other plugins such as block placers/breakers and automatic crafting tables allow fully automated farms on things not previously thought possible such as Wood, Cobblestone, and much more. Also, we got a backpack plugin so you will be able to carry more items with you on your exceptions. With the money, you generate from your farms you can buy stuff off of 3 different places. The basic server shop that sells most of your basic items, the Auction house, is were players sell whatever items they feel like, and lastly the custom item market at Spawn, here you can buy things just as godlike tools with beyond normal enchantments and custom potions that give you extremely useful effects such as haste and health boost.

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