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Interested in a growing economy server? Asylum RP is a new economy RP server on FiveM. We've built a new economy server, with a strict focus on balancing the dynamic between police, criminals, and businesses.

We have an experienced development and admin team with experience running large, RP communities and have experience developing new and original content not found on other servers.

Join our discord:

We have:

  • Player owned businesses

  • Player-run economy and groups jobs

  • Gangs and gang territories (gang hideouts)

  • Custom cars with realistic and balanced handling (no OP police cars!)

  • Robberies and more!

We're currently in the process of hiring new EMS, LSPD, and more!

Our team is focused on building an economy free from pay-to-win, biased admins, and we have a strict policy against hackers and cheaters. Come join us and give us your feedback and suggestions.

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