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Conn State RP

Conn. State RolePlay

New ESX server that focuses on the civilian & criminal aspects of RP life. Allowing players to live out their dreams from creating a criminal empire - to being elected mayor of one of the three local cities! Our friendly staff team is hardworking and welcoming when it comes to new players learning FiveM or ESX for the first time ever.

Join us for our weekly movie & game nights! Monthly Discord giveaways, events, and more!

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💰Civilian Jobs💰

  • Car Dealer

  • Government Official

  • Trucker

  • Farmer

  • Fastfood Worker

  • News Reporter

  • Taxi Driver

  • Business Owner

  • Gas Station Owner

  • And even MORE!!!



  • Drugs

  • Home Invasions

  • Chopshop

  • Bank Heist

  • Robberies

  • Street Racing

  • AND MORE!!!


  • City Police

  • Sheriff's Office

  • State Police

  • FBI





🎖️National Guard 🎖️

  • Coming soon!!!

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