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KushCity RP


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Son Güncelleme18 Aug 2020
Katılım Tarihi18 Aug 2020


Welcome to KushCity RP.

This is a new Server open about 2 weeks. We have very little members right now about 7 but looking to grow. I have been playing on servers for about 5 years now and wanted to do my own thing. Over 3 months have been put into the server. We are a NON Vmenu based server. So with this being said we are looking for people to join are server. We are a seriuose RP server at the same time like to have fun also without the BS and failing RP. We have easy applications for police ems and other whitelisted jobs. So if you're looking for a adult owned server Where u can call home. Where everyone is friendly and just wants to have serious RP then this server is for you. If your new no worries come on in and one of the people in here will show you the way.
330 + Cars
333+Custom Scripts
Custom YMAPS
20+ jobs
Traps and robberys
Departments Hiring
EMS, Police, car dealership

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