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The San Andreas Justice and Protection is looking for motivated Officers, Civilians, and Fire/EMS candidates to work in a professional and enjoyable server!

We're a new server that brings the role play to reality. Enforcing all laws, regulations, and procedures of San Andreas and the Federal Government. Unlike a lot of servers, we will not condemn you if you can't make it to a session as we all know that personal lives come first. We are looking for people who would like to enjoy a good match as well as bringing Law Enforcement and all other departments into reality.


FIRE/EMS- We are looking for members who are interested in this role and/or have experience in it. Whether its in real life or in-game. Plenty of room for promotion!

Police Officer- We are looking for motivated officers who would like to start in a fresh server with motivated players who have a thirst for Law Enforcement. Benefits include Plenty of room for promotions. Video, document, and class participated in training in Law Enforcement from experienced players and real-time Law Enforcement Officers.

We have:
Custom vehicles
Map Addons
Custom peds
Variety of depts.

Join us on discord at

We are looking for new additions to our development team so if you would like to join the development team and have experience with FiveM and scripting please message Swiftly_Ghosting#1800


Community Coordinator

This server is meant to be fun for you guys and for you guys to enjoy yourself and play together as a community and to treat each other as family.