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There are many customers who have purchased sex dolls who always have these questions, how long can a sex doll last? Will it be easy to damage if you buy it back? In fact, most sex dolls are made of silicone and TPE materials. Today's sex dolls are no longer the original inflatable products. Tall Sex Doll If you use too much force, it will easily lead to air leakage. There will be no air leakage and the service life will be longer, but the sex doll also needs certain maintenance, so the use time will be longer.Depending on use and care, the lifespan of sex dolls also varies from 2 to 10 years. For regular use and movement, sex dolls are more prone to wear and tear. Sex doll owners can do a lot to protect and maintain their sex dolls. TPE Sex Doll If the sex dolls are damaged, they need to be repaired. The service life of silicone sex dolls is generally longer. More durable than TPE sex dolls. But if you take care of your TPE sex doll, she will also have a longer lifespan. When shopping for realistic love dolls, the question of how long the doll will last is always in mind. There is no definite answer. The reality is that TPE dolls are more fragile (and cheaper) than silicone dolls, but their longevity depends on many factors: how you use it, how you store it, the TPE mix you use, etc.

The most important thing is the way you buy sex dolls, whether you buy them back to take pictures, have sex, or collect them, etc. This is the most important factor affecting the service life of your sex dolls. How often you use the sex doll, how you keep the sex doll, where or the environment you keep the sex doll. Maintenance you do: wash after use, whether to apply mineral oil, whether to apply talcum powder, etc. Mozu Doll It's best to use talcum powder for smooth skin, there's a lot of debate with mineral oil, some people use it when others don't. One of the important factors affecting the service life of your sex doll is the quality of the sex doll produced by the manufacturer. You cannot avoid this factor, but the TPE material used by the genuine authorized store will not be very bad, or the well-known sex doll manufacturers on the market. Manga Sex Doll The material for making sex dolls is not bad. How to store your doll: if you store it in a relaxed position, if you protect it with a box or cover it with a blanket, if it is in the correct room setting. Taking all these factors into consideration, the maximum time a TPE love doll can remain in perfect condition is unknown, but it is known to count "years" from the date of purchase. Its lifespan is always shorter than silicone dolls.

When you buy a beautiful sex doll, you will consider this sex doll as your family or wife, you may not leave your sex doll naked, or not dress up, make your sex doll sloppy and lose its luster . When you buy a sex doll, the sex doll stays beautiful and neat, not only to keep your body happy throughout the day, but also to make every time you have sex with her comfortable. Sex dolls may be made specifically for sex, but that doesn't mean they have to be naked all the time. Sex dolls dressed in different clothes have their own unique charm. She could be a casual sporty girl, a mature urban beauty, a hot nurse or a maid. Lifelike Sex Doll Clothing can add personality to your sex doll through style. Lingerie can help set the mood in a bedroom or a sex appeal, casual wear is great for more relaxation and comfort in non-sexual interactions at home, and formal wear is perfect for special occasions between you and your sex doll. Some people like to dress their dolls in cosplay costumes, or if their sex dolls are made in the image of a favorite fictional character.