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"What was the opportunity to create "The Forever LoveThick Sex Doll "?" The journalist asked"A few years ago, when I was 24 or 25 years old, all my friends and women around me started to get married and have children, and there was a lot of talk about "having a family by the age of 30". I had been thinking about having children, but I was hesitant to do so because I wanted to focus on my studies. I think that pregnancy is a major life event, so I thought of creating this theme.

Sex dolls, known as "Love Dolls" in Japan, are near-adult-sized humanoid dolls made of silicone or TPE. The dolls are life-like in appearance, touch and construction, and can be used for photography or more directly - desire. But a doll is still a doll, neither conscious nor "pregnant", but if it did become pregnant, what Chinese Sex Doll would it look like? Curious about this, Tokyo University of the Arts doctoral student Mika Sugan thought of modifying the doll and taking a series of photos of it.Japan's "with news" interviewed Mika Sugan to learn more about her creative process and concept of her work.

"If I didn't have a knife, I wouldn't be able to protect you. If I had a knife, I wouldn't be able to hug you." The movie "Edward Scissorhands" tells the poignant love story of Edward, a robot with a pair of scissorhands, and a woman who falls in love but can't stay together, moving many people. The story of humans and robots has always been one of the sources Milf Sex Doll of inspiration for creators. With the rapid rise of artificial intelligence research and development technology, there is no shortage of real-life "Edward Scissorhands" who are in love with humans. So, can humans relate to robots or physical dolls? Is this "wishful thinking" a good or bad thing?

These seemingly unlikely feelings occur mainly because of the natural human tendency to personify everything, whether it be ordinary plants and animals, inanimate objects, or nebulous gods. If humans take this tendency to the extreme, it is very likely that they will have genuine feelings for robots or Black Sex Doll.

You come home and find that all the household chores are done by the "wife" robot, who can not only do the laundry and cook, but also chat with you to solve the loneliness of the geeks. Appearance also looks very beautiful, body and top supermodel, sexy and charming. In the evening you can take a bath together, you rub her body, she helps you suck cock, what a wonderful picture. I believe that with the development of technology, in the near future, the wife sex doll robot can come into the homes of the majority of Blonde Sex Doll.