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Hello everyone!

I am pleased to announce that we are looking for more roleplay friendly players that are interested in interacting with us and our server, Block Island Life has just recently opened its doors to beta. We are constantly updating our server to help ensure that we become more than a standard run & gun life server.

Our forums can be reached at
Or you can find us on discord!

Things to know:
-We are based on the Project Life framework, but we have done a lot of work to rebuild the broken framework to make it better than before.
-We are currently running on a custom map called Block Island.
-We do not expect our players to pay to play on our server. (No pay wall)
-We also have a custom launcher/platform to make mods extremely simple for our players.
-We are constantly working on expanding our options of variety on our server. This includes plans for implementing new vehicles and major map ----additions.
-We have a very capable Staff team on standby to assist players when needed.

Current Factions:
United States Coast Guard
Block Island Fire & Rescue
New Shoreham Police Department
Department of Justice

On top of our whitelisted factions we have a diverse community that really makes this a life server. We have player owned and operated businesses and are always looking to expand, with a multitude of options available.

Vehicle Manufacturing
Clothing Manufacturing
General Goods Manufacturing
Weapon Manufacturing
Oil Production
And more...

Whether you’re looking for the simple life or the fast paced life, we have something for you.

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