Aube du temps 4.6.2

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Sürüm 4.6.2
Tür Fun PVP Auto Learn Skill
Konum France
Son Güncelleme10 May 2023
Katılım Tarihi16 Apr 2020


Open 2023/05/09 at 8:00 pm

The return of Aube du temps, Number 1 of French servers offers you:
A fully PvP, RvR Server!
Rediscover the nostalgia of 4.6 by having a unique experience.

✔️ Start Level 65
✔️ Quick Gear
✔️ Access to PvP quickly
✔️ Map PvP Custom.
✔️ Battleground (BG)
✔️ Godstones in PvE only (Skin effect).
✔️ Class rebalancing
✔️ Functional Sieges.
✔️ Possibility of having all the master professions on a single character.
✔️ XForm for Governor and Commanders
✔️ Regular Events.
✔️ Regular updates.
✔️ Active staff.

Custom rates:

✔️ Drop: Custom
✔️ Kinah: x1
✔️ AP gain in PvP: x5
✔️ AP loss in PvP: x1
✔️ GP gain in PvP: x5
✔️ GP loss in PvP: x1

Discord :