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Quality server with Strong Economy
Ultimate-Ps is a quality RuneScape Private Server built from the ground up using the expertise of RuneScape veterans and the best developers. We understand the importance of providing a high availability, bug-free and memorable gaming experience.

Best of OSRS and Pre-Eoc
We are not like all the other servers that you have played. If you are after a truly unique game experience our server is the one. Ultimate-Ps is a mix between the newer OSRS ERA and Pre-EoC. We have created a solid RuneScape emulation that makes the best of both worlds but not without our own custom twist!

Amazing community
Meet very interesting people from all over the world on our server. Our community is very friendly and always willing to help or give advise. Many have made great friendships and bonds on our server. Come and join us we promise you will not regret it!

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