Infested Night


Vote Oyla
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Durum Unknown
Son PingMonitoring disabled, to many fails.
Sürüm 1.15.2
Tür Fun Youtubers Essentials Buycraft Friendly staff World Guard Vote Rewards Vanilla Survival
Son Güncelleme26 May 2020
Katılım Tarihi26 May 2020


Welcome everyone to Infested Night!

Here you can do the following:
First, you can chill with your friends over at the Survival sector of the server or play solo.
Secondly, you can start your own Skyblock/OneBlock and build massive things!
Last but not least, we are currently building some mini games such as eggwars, PvP, and much more; you can support the server and get access to some beta servers
Lastly we would like to hear your thoughts/suggestions on the server

Hope we see you over!

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