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Type Cap 110 D11 Battle Arena Alchemy Free Silk FGW International New Avatars PvE Job
Last Update11 Jan 2022
Join Date11 Jan 2022


Server Cap 110
Server Degree 11D
Race European & Chinese
Skill Mastery Cap 110
Skill EU Mastery Cap 240
Skill CH Mastery Cap 360
EXP Rate x15
SP EXP Rate x15
Party EXP Rate x20
Party SP EXP Rate x20
Drop Rate x10
Gold Rate x5
FGW: Enabled Jangan Fortress : Enabled Survival Arena : Enabled CTF : Enabled Battle Arena : Enabled PC Limit : 8 IP Limit : 10 Job PC/IP Limit 2 FTW PC Limit 1 FTW IP Limit 2 Guild Limit 24 Plus Limit +12 (no adv) Limit Devil +10 All Trader : Enabled [Every level you get] Reward Coin Rank Unique : Enabled [Top1 -Top2 -Top3] Reward Silk Rank Job : Enabled [Top1 -Top2 -Top3] Reward Silk Silk Free Every hour Drop of Each Unique Silk [ ِAll Unique's Server ] π†πšπ¦πž