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Type Cap 80 Free Silk Play 2 Win International Long Term Low Rate Old School PvE NO BOTS Friendly
Last Update05 Mar 2021
Join Date05 Mar 2021

Server Info

Are you looking for a low edit, nostalgic Silkroad adventure? Do you want to relive those days where the game was fair to all players, the thrill of being finally rewarded for your hard work? Say no more: we have prepared this “Voyage” for veteran players, as veteran players ourselves. 

Voyage SRO aims to be an enhanced replica of the official release that came right after the addition of the European characters, providing a more equitable and enriched experience to all players. For this, many character skills have been carefully adjusted to balance out the Chinese character’s natural orientation for solo-play and the European character’s group-play abilities. We want to build, with you, a nice and friendly community of players who will grow together towards a more competitive end-game content. It is time to gather to relive this Voyage with your friends and enjoy every minute with them!