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Website Website
Type Cap 130 Auto Events D15 Mbot
Last Update02 Jul 2020
Join Date02 Jul 2020


اول 500 واحد هتنزل معك ايتم درجري 14+16 المده مفتوحه

Server Now Is Online Website
شرح كول حجا في موقع سيلك رؤد في العرب عشان تشوف الصؤر كمان سجل في الموقع تحت هنا الربط
كمان في لينك مجموعه الواتساب اهو

silkroad4arab Owner :
:Information About Game
-Cap: 130
الي هيكسب الفورترس هيخود 150 سيلك
-New Game Play System
-Fortresses:Hotan, Jangan, Bandit
-Mastery: 390 Chinese, 260 European
-Euro and Chinese Races
-Battle Arena
-New Skill Animations
-Skills cap 130
-EXP/SP Rates: 65x
-Party EXP/SP Rates: 75x
-Gold drop rate: 50x
-Drop rate: 50x
-Classic system job rate: 40x
-Baghdad town

Some Avatars by Free Silk

Some Avtars By Magico Coins



Avatars Thief by Jc Coins

New Pets & Grabs By Magico Coins

Special Items By Silk

D14 In Npc By Gold

New System For Making Plus

Some Usefull Scrolls
We Added Scroll to Remove Premium
GoDBless Scroll To increase ur Char
Scroll Upgrade Weapons
61% & 80% & Scroll State 100%
Scroll To Change Ur Name In Game
Scroll To Remove Adv From Weapon
Scroll To Make Ur Devil Full Blue
Scroll To Remove Blue From Avatar
Scroll To Reset Time FGW
Scroll To Reset Time Holy Water Temple

New Special Tittles Scrolls By Medals Coins & Magico coins

New Quests In Game

Plus Notice

New Rooms

Some Screen From Rooms

Petra Town

D15 In Npc by Medals Coins
Weapons & Acessory

Set Male

Set Female

Question And Answer

?Q: How To Get Arena Coins

A:From Mobs +121 In Baghdad City

?Q:How To Get Magico coins

A:From Mobs +121 In Baghdad City &Uniques In Rooms

?Q:How To Get Medals Coins

A:By Gold In Npc Special Items & CTF & Arena Manager & Events

?Q:How To Get Gold

A:From Trade

?Q:How To Get JC Coins

A:From Uniques Kadminous&Jupiter Uniques

? Q:How to Get D15

A:By Donation or Collect Medals Coins and buy it From Npc

Note :
Max Plus In Server +27

Information About FTW

FTW JanJan

Start : Tuesday& Friday 9:00