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Version 1.10.2
Type AntiGrief ChestShop Custom Items Towny Economy MCMMO Jobs LWC Market Custom Ranks
United States
Last Update23 Aug 2017
Join Date11 Jul 2017

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A brand new small community eco-survival server combining elements of RPG, minigames, player-ran markets and more. We also use a Custom Items feature introducing all new currencies found throughout the world to buy more powerful items than ever. Come climb your way to the top of ZECON MC!

Change Logs
29 Jul 2017

Welcome everyone to ZECON MC!

July 28th, 2017

After the past couple weeks, we have figured out everything that needs to change on our server from our opening date. We are doing a FULL wipe of the server, and all players, new and old, will have a fresh and equal start. Many features have been added in this update, and many tweaks have been done to the economy and many other plugins. Here are just a few:

- Added Dungeons Feature: Dungeons are populated with rare mobs and bosses to hunt and loot for Relics.
- Added MythicMobs
- Economy /sell command, but no Admin buying shop, just player trading!
- Added Custom Achievements to earn Player Points
- Added Lottery feature to keep things interesting and mix up the Economy
- Remodeled all in-game Rank Kits
- Gave more permissions to Guest rank
- Added MyPet feature, a way to get a pet, train it, teach it skills and more!
- Added availability of Staff Applications on Website

08 Aug 2017

Weekly Update!

Bug fixes:

- edited entity collisions to reduce lag

- removed Relics NPC and created direct command link

- added availability of paying $500 in-game currency for extra 50x50 land claims

- economy and Jobs tweaks

14 Aug 2017

August 14th, 2017

New Features:
- Added BottledEXP plugin, allowing storage/trade of EXP.
- Added PvP Arena w/ classes, rewards, etc.