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Version 3.3.5a 1.12.1
Type Scripted Instances Raids Arenas Battlegrounds Blizzlike Crossfaction Fun Realm Progressive Progression Transmogrifier
Last Update11 Feb 2019
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[Blizzlike] Rocket PVE Progressive @ max 60
Blizzlike Scripting Reduced HP/DMG Multiboxing allowed
Working Arena, Battlegrounds & economy. Portal Master

[Custom] ZulDrak PVP Instant 85
Blizzlike Scripting Reduced HP/DMG
Working Arena, Battlegrounds & economy

ZulDrak Custom Features : NEW - Wintergrasp , Transmog , Multivendor Portal Master, Global Trainer's ,Heirloom armor, Custom shopping mall's located in Stormwind, Orgrimmar, Dalaran & Emerald Dream. Unique to ZulDrak custom legendary weapons and 50k gold bricks drop in ICC , a legendary vendor and an all you can want trade mall with 4 primary professions available, high gold drop rates & all flight paths are known and instant, An insta mount at the start a free chopper from Enchanter Chris.