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Last Update20 May 2017
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Welcome to The World Rp! Where we bring fun roleplay to all! Welcome to The World RP! We are a DarkRP server based off of Garry's Mod! We bring fun and realistic gaming to life! We often play music in spawn so if you see the tv, make shure to press E on it! If you cannot join, open console and type connect! Our admins are always active and waiting for new players to join and have fun! Remember to read MOTD when joining as it will always have important information! We love our players, and we will always make shure to ensure their happiness! We have the best admins, both laid back, but good decision makers. Feel free to say hi, dont be shy!   SERVER OWNERS! The REAL Pyro - Adamin Wolfington The Cake Man - Adamin Cakenelious   UPDATES! -Server Launched 5/12/2017! -New Guns added! 5/15/17 -New and better Map! 5/16/17 -New Food (Coming Soon) -New Jobs (Coming Soon) -New and improved Money Printers (Coming soon) -Custom Cars! 5/19/17 PICTURES! None yet!   VIDEOS! None yet! CURRENT CUSTOMS! -Guns and ammo! -Player Models(Not fully implemented) -Jobs(Wave 1) -Shipments(Expect more) -Custom Cars!(Expect more)

Change Logs
12 May 2017

Server Has Been Officially launched!

Hey guys. We are proud to announce that Today our server, The World RP Has been successfully and officially launched! Join with either "The World Roleplay" or go into console and type "connect". See you online!

15 May 2017


We are proud to announce that custom guns have been added! We will keep the defaults as the new ones are based off of the actual price, so they get quite expensive. This includes shipments, which will be its only use until the ammo is released, But that will be here soon! Remember, always have fun on our server!

16 May 2017


With great honor, we release a new map to the public! We are aware of the texture glitches though, they are being fixed. We love this new map and hope you all can enjoy it too! We will possibly change the map later is the textures never get fixed, but we already know our backup. And we had some downtime in process of making this map work, So thats why we were offline. Thank you all for your support, and have a great day!

17 May 2017

"Jobs And Knobs Wave 1" JOB UPDATE #1 5/17/17

We are so happy to announce the new jobs are out and ready to be used! Feel free to check them out when you join! We want the best rp for our city, so we are making realism come to life with our new jobs, they include...

Police Officer

Security Officer

S.W.A.T. Or N.O.o.S.E.





19 May 2017


Whos ready for the new cars? We are! We are glad to say we have finally gotten a better transportation other than the subways and your feet! Lean back in your new Bugatti or chill in a subaru! Feel free to become a Car Dealer and check them out!

19 May 2017


We had to trash the old map and we replaced it with a working, similar map! It is very different but has some of the same features! Come online to see it soon!