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Type Active Admin Better Airdrops Cracked Anti Cheat Instacraft Kits vip No Abuse No Decay Modded
Last Update09 Dec 2017
Join Date03 Dec 2017

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fun modded server, player limit 20, moore players limit will be added after each game update. We have vip kits you can buy by donating to our paypal 5€ monthly link: in website. this server is both pvp and pve. please notice that our kits are awesome

Change Logs
04 Dec 2017

Improved server perfomance, reduced lag, increased the times when server is online now it will be open most of the times except for monday mornings. And maybe some days because its run from my pc and there are times i need it for school. Removed decay in buildings, bases will not decay anymoore, added a pro loot zone, its an amoured base hard to get to with out the apropiate clothing: location on top of an iceberg. You will die if you are not well geared. Some small fixes. Future changes comming soon.

09 Dec 2017

added plugins to server, increased player limit to 20, wiped map, fix some lag issues. added kits. ghather rate and much moore.

09 Dec 2017

Vips can now drive the bradley apc. Removed randomgift plugin and sign artist plugin 


Video Maker
Creative, and needs to make good videos for server trailers and stuff will recive vip kits some habilities for free.

Good advertising tecniques, youtube channel with good amount of subs

Active as often as possible, not abusive, respetcfull, helpfull. Will get payed with real money 50 percent of the income the server gets depending on the amount we recive.