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Welcome to the Amazing world of Valcora! What is Pixelmon? Pixelmon is a Minecraft mod that allows players to catch and train Pokemon like in the games and TV shows. However, the world is customized to be unique and a fun enjoyable place to train, explore and capture pixelmon. Why Pixelmon? Over the paste few months, many of fans have requested that we host a modded Minecraft server. Well, we have decided to take this challenge and build a privately hosted and sponsored Pixelmon server for our VIP and special CCMC customers to enjoy. Is this server free to play? Yes, PixelbladeMCv2 is a free to play modded server. Is this server white-listed? Yes. All users need to be registered in order to play on it. NOTE: White-listed server are special servers that require the user to be manually added to the access control list or ACL in order to get onto the server and play. Can I fight/battle other players in PVP? Yes, You actually can fight other players with your pixelmon just like in the movie and video games. Can I build on this server? Yes, but with limitations. Players are welcome to build their homes in survival. However, Creative mode is disabled for non-operators (Regular players). How many houses can I Have? Players are welcome to build a maximum of 4 Houses VIPs can have 6. However, please note, regular users are not permitted to build their homes near and/or within spawn boundary’s. You must build at least 300 blocks (4 chunks) outside of spawn limits. A general Rule of thumb is, if you can still see spawn from render distance Far, you are still too close. What about towns? This server supports Towny, we encourage players to make towns, cities and/or villages. Can My town sponsor a Gym? Yes, You can, however, your town mayor will need to submit a Gym application request and someone within the town must become a gym leader otherwise an admin will elect a appointed representative to that town's Gym. If my town is approved to have a gym, can we build it in creative? No, Your town is responsible for gathering the resources, tools and equipment needed to construct the gym in Survival mode. A Builder can be assigned to your town to assist in the design but is instructed not to build the gym for you (creative or not). Remember it's your towns gym therefore its your build not ours. We can help you design it but the overall construction, maintenance and management of your gym is your towns job. If our town has a gym, do we still pay taxes on that plot? This is up to your mayor to decide. We do not enforce towns to pay us directly for owning a gym however, if you choose to do so, we may give you town some kind of reward. Can I Buy items using my CC's (Crystal Credits)? Yes, we have developed a way for players to use their Credits earned on our official server on this server. However, users who wish to use this feature will need to have a CCMC membership. You can register Here NOTE: Users will need to access this website and select the CC exchange option in order to cash in their items like ores and ingots for credits. What About those who want to join a Faction? Player's are allowed to join a faction. However, players and/or admins who run that faction are responsible for managing their faction. NOTE: With the exception to Rules being broken - then, and only then will an Administrator get involved. What Factions are available? There are currently 5 Factions that players can join each has its own structure and set of guidelines. Team Destiny (Role play Faction) The Poke Poachers (Role play Faction bent on the eradication of Pokemon) Player Faction (Default Role play Group - This is the main group players will join when they join the server) Explorer Faction (For those who don't want to role play) Iris Institutes Inc. (A Role play group design to unlock your Pokemon's true power and potential)
Is their a Team Rocket-like Faction? Yes, there is actually. There is rumors going around that a custom Team which has been rumored to go by the name of Team Destiny... As for their motives, this is yet to be discovered. You can ask an Admin who can direct you to someone who may know more about this faction and their secret plans. What If I want to just Build in Survival but not take part in the Role play? Players are welcome to go off an build and/or survive in the wild if the choose to do so by joining the Explorer Faction. However, one who chooses to opt-out of the RP must understand that they are still subject to attacks and combat from both Team Destiny and that of the Poke Poachers. Can I host a Private Pokemon Event? Yes, Players are welcome and encouraged to host events for other players. These events can range from Pokemon tournaments to quests and more. NOTE: Players who wish to host an event must contact an admin or staff for approval prior to hosting the event. When will the Pixel Mart be Ready? We have completed the PixelMart storefront in game and have completely redesigned the online ordering system. Feel Free to check out the virtual storefront by visiting the PixelMart section above in the navigation bar.

Change Logs
19 Dec 2017


Added Additional Player slot in prperation for our upcoming Beta Day Event on the 24th of December.



Still Working on a Towny perms conflict that is preventign players from doing things in the wilderness areas.

Construction has begun on the Legacy Towers Battle complex.

Fixed all items in the Pixelmart at Spawn failing to give players the correct items from the shop signs.

Began theming spawn for the hoildays and added a exclusive scavanger hunt and prizes.

Working on Extending the Rail network out to 2nd Town and Destiny Tower and the Battle House.



- Will assist builders and admins with getting the server ready with new areas in game.
- Will aid in mitigating player misconduct issues.
- Will be required to pass a Staff application examination.
- Must have a clean player record. No bans, referrals and misconduct records from any other servers within the past 2 years.
- Must be willing to work with others in a team.
- Must have a discord account to communicate in staff meetings and conference calls.
- Must be at least 13 years of age or older and show a decent level of maturity.
- Applicant will be compensated with an in-game currency bonus if accepted and they have passed the entry examination.
- Applicant must be willing to work on weekends (if appropriate) (saturday and Sunday work schedules preferred)
NOTE: we are willing to make other accommodations with applicants if the above schedule does not work for whatever reason.

NOTE: Helper Rank is essentially our Mid-tier moderator rank. This position is very much needed and we will be taking at least 4 applicants up until December 31st of this year (2017).

Applicant must be skilled in the use of Mods such as Carpenters Blocks and other mods specific to our modpack in order to build structures ranging from houses, small towns and villages to large scale cities.
Applicant must be willing to accept changes to their build by senior staff if accepted for this position.
Applicant must have basic to advanced knowledge in the use of World edit and building using this plugin.
Applicant will not receive monetary compensation for their work instead they will receive an in-game credit bonus for every hour of work on top of the base in-game credit value earned for a standard player.
Applicant must be willing to work with others.
Applicant must have a discord account/profile in order to communicate with staff in meetings and related projects.
Applicant must be willing to follow authority from senior staff who are higher ranked staff.
Applicants with prior misconduct from other servers within the last year will not be accepted.
Applicants who do not have a premium Minecraft account are not eligible for this position.
Applicants who have been banned from any server within the past 2 years are not eligible to apply for this position.
Applicants who are apply must submit a world file of a build they created without world edit or MC editor software.
Applicants may use mods in their build submission as long as those mods are in the modpack.
Builds must be created in version 1.7.10. Builds submitted in newer version of Minecraft will not be accepted.
Build submissions must include 4 screenshots of your player in the image building. (Hint: taking multiple images from different angles is advised)
Build submissions must be completed using the PC version of MInecraft. Builds from pocket edition or console editions will not be accepted.
Builds will be judged based on craftsmanship, artistry, style, complexity and effort spent on the build.
Applicants are permitted to submit furnished builds as long as 2 of the images taken show you furnishing the build.
Builds must be of original design and not copied from schematics and/or online blueprints.
Applicants are permitted to include inspirational artistic design elements from other builds within their own build submissions but may not directly copy these elements to create an exact replica.
All applicants must create and submit a preliminary build submission with (at least 4 unique screenshots) as attachments within an email to: [email protected] Files must be in 7z (7zip) or standard windows zip format. RAR and tar.gz files will not be accepted.
Submissions must be named according to the following file naming convention:

Images should be included as separate attachments following the same naming convention stated above but with the Image number at the end of the file name.
Examples: PlayerName_NameofBuild_DateOfSubmission_001.png

Images files should be submitted as Jpg or Png files. images that are submitted in any other format will be ignored.