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Version 1.8.3
Type Survival story quests adventure semi vanilla maze
Last Update02 Aug 2015
Join Date28 Sep 2013

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5 reasons why we may be the Server You Are Looking For!
You like...
"To go into the WildLands, finding resources and surviving against the Threats of the World!"
You like...
"To explore the World... finding strange sites, dungeons and seeing other peoples amazing builds!"
You like...
"To go deep into the Bowels of the World and mine those precious ores... and to sell them to earn money!"
You like...
"To Build homes... and other amazing places that inspire others!"
And lastly...
You like...
"To become part of a small, yet strong community... and to relax at the chat!"
If this sounds like your type of Minecraft... please come on over... we bite, but in a good way! Also, we make use of the following plugins: McMMO, Scavenger, IntoChest, Reputation, iDisguise, LokiTorches, EcoCreature... just to name a few... for more information about our little server... go here!