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Version 1.11.2 1.11 1.11.1
Last Update15 Jan 2017
Join Date19 Jan 2016

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Welcome to SteinerCraft’s server page! This server aims to preserve vanilla gameplay mechanics as much as possible. With the exception of /home, /tpa. Gameplay is anarchy based meaning there are no claims. Griefing, raiding and PvP are allowed. More info can be found by joining the server.

Change Logs
23 Jan 2016
Now being able to watch ads to support the network!
25 Jan 2016
Added some more information at spawn
26 Jan 2016
Added a basement at spawn
30 Jan 2016
Countinuing on parkour, got some progress..
23 Feb 2016

Some changes to sleep, now being easier and more fair for the sleepers.

04 Mar 2016

Updates on plugins

05 Mar 2016

Fixed UUID problem.

06 Mar 2016

Working on updating

07 Mar 2016

Working on updating to 1.9

08 Mar 2016



10 Mar 2016

Working on a aditional roleplay server

12 Mar 2016

Sorting things up

13 Mar 2016

It goes on pretty well