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Server Features: PointShop | Friendly Staff | Custom Scripts | Donator Ranks | Custom Guns | Custom Models Welcome to SPG, We pride ourselves on providing the best game servers for no cost at all.

Looking for someone who will help new players and generally be there as an answers person. Provide help to new players, teach people the rules and let people know if they are doing something they shouldn't be doing.

Please state what sort of compensation you would like. We have never employed someone which did this job before.

We need a youtuber to record content, be active and generally be a nice player. Happy to give you donator and a payment in steam games if your work directly affects the server in a positive way.

Would like to see a test video first showcasing the server as unlisted so we can check it out then we will pay you.

We want you to be as honest as possible. Point out all the negatives about the server and the good points and what you want changed.