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Version 1.15.1
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United Kingdom
Last Update05 Jan 2020
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Social Hangover | 1.15.1 👽

A refreshingly vanilla Minecraft experience, with no grief, micro-transactions or vote rewards.

🔞 Active 18+ community

Social Hangover is a laid-back community of adult players. Our few rules are fairly relaxed and you're pretty much free to do as you please.

🍦 Vanilla with sprinkles

Why change the recipe? We’re committed to serving up an authentic Minecraft experience. We’ve added a small sprinkle of enhancements to the vanilla Minecraft formula in the form of chest protection, random spawn points, player heads and armor stand editing. And we’re always looking for the perfect combination of toppings to make the damn sundae you've ever had!

📺 Streamer friendly

Founded with love by a couple of Twitch streamers. You and your community are more than welcome here.

❌ No land claiming

Build wherever and whatever you want. Let your creativity flourish!

❌ No teleports or warps

There is no /tp, /home or /spawn (we're vanilla after all). Get around via an extensive ice highway network. There are plenty of places to visit!

💰 Player-run economy

No economy plugins! The economy is entirely managed by our community. Visit our shopping district at 0,0 in the overworld!

🤗 More than a Minecraft server

We're extremely active on Discord. Come join our weekly party game and karaoke nights.

🛸 We out here on Discord -

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