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Version 1.11.2
Type Arena Pvp custom pvp pvp Skywars Custom Coded Unique Beta
Last Update08 Feb 2017
Join Date12 Jan 2017

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Rather than putting a description here like every other server, I am going to put a review one of our Alpha testers wrote about us: If you're like me, you play fun PVP Minigames, but theres a problem with our PVP gaming community, there are NO new Minigames or Unique versions of current ones, well SkyMobs is here to prove you 100% wrong. SkyMobs is the infamous SkyWars server with a awesome twist, you’re a Mob, I know it sounds weird now, but let me explain, your playing basic SkyWars as a Mob with Unique abilities, Unique kits and much more. This servers is Custom Coded with well made maps that will definitely catch your attention and make you smile at how well this servers made, there is no other server like this out there and you could definitely call this server The most unique Skywars server ever. The server has consistent updates with new features added weekly, the staff are active, well trained and there are so many cool mobs to become, you can be playing for months and still be finding new and cool things to do. There are also very unique cosmetic features you can buy to make you look amazing. What are you waiting for, Join the server, become the best, Become The Mob. IP:
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Change Logs
08 Feb 2017






- Change Mobs on the Fly!
     - Change your Mob now without having to log out!
- Improved and added to spawning
     - When you now join the server you will be able to see the MOTD, if you have any mail and how many players are online.
- Improved lag prevention
     - We have rewritten some of our custom features to be less CPU consuming.
- Changed SkyWars Plugins
- Refined Modes
     - We now switch between Easy and Hard mode for you based on whether you are in a game or not.
- Improved Kits
     - Kits are now specific to each Mob, so Pigs get the Pig kit, etc.
     - Added unique items to kits, such as: Throwable Slimeballs, Throwable Bones, etc.
- Rewritten Upgrading System
     - We have rewritten the Upgrading system so when you upgrade you now use Money instead of XP
- Added Mail
- Added Friends
- Added Mobs to Online Store
- Fixed Bugs
     - Bug were you became human after a game instead of a Mob
     - Bug where you could open menu while in a game