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Version 1.15.1
Type Survival PvE MCMMO Land Claim Economy Levels Auctionhouse Bungee
United States
Last Update22 Jan 2020
Join Date29 Aug 2019
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Hey all! Welcome to our MinecraftServers page! I'm Skulxr (Sku for short), one of the three Managers of SkuadMC! Our server is a community oriented survival server that offers a host of custom and commonly used plugins to enhance the survival multiplayer experience!

Some of the features we utilize include GriefPrevention for claiming land, MythicMobs for our custom mobs and items, a custom Levels plugin to allow an interesting form of progression, mcMMO for leveling up your skills, and much more.

We also have a completely player driven economy with no server market whatsoever. This is to help add challenge and make resources worth more to the average player. It also balances itself, making it easier to manage.

Our community is very closely knit and contains players from all across the world. You're sure to find something enjoyable here no matter how you normally play! Hope to see you on the server soon!
- Skulxr, SkuadMC Management

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