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Version 831
Type 10 Bosses 120 capes 25 Skills 25x XP Rate Active staff All skills working Auto Donate CLAN SYSTEM
United States
Last Update22 Aug 2017
Join Date21 Jun 2017

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We are a new Rs3 Server thats just trying to find its way around in life so hopfully you guys will join use. happy gamming

Change Logs
08 Jun 2017


-----------> Added dyables like nox stuff and more.


-----------> Added thieving stalls to the teleporter.


-----------> Added when the Admin's and the Mod's log in


-----------> Added DwarfMultiCannon, GoldDwarfMultiCannon, RoyalDwarfMultiCannon they are now usable.


11 Jun 2017


-----------> Added crystal pickaxe and hatchets


-----------> Added Harmony pillars to priff farming


27 Jun 2017


-----------> Added new prices to the ge to where ppl cant make quick cash from christmas crackers.


-----------> Added Mystery Boxes to the store and added it server sided


-----------> Added Christmas crackers to the store aswell and added it server sided


-----------> Added Partyhats to the store and added it server sided


-----------> Added Vote buttons to the website. Just Temp for right now.