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Version 1.8.8
Type Custom Factions Custom Plugins Premium Griefing PVPRAIDING Advanced AntiCheat Mature Staff
United States
Last Update21 Apr 2017
Join Date02 Apr 2017

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⯎SʜɪᴇʟᴅCʟᴏᴜᴅ⯎ Staff positions are currently unavailable, though, you can still apply on our website! Developer positions are available. Here's some key information about our server: We have Advanced DDoS Protection, 1Gbps Uplink, and Advanced Anti-Cheat (Spartan).

Change Logs
06 Apr 2017

This is the second official release of our server! This update isn't a large one, but hopefully you'll like it, especially since we removed featherboard.

Here's what's going on:

[+] Added Multiverse

[+] Added MCBans

[+] Added chat announcements w/ JSON formatting

[*] Fixed /fly for staff (it's now /efly , thanks to TheFallen96 for helping us solve this issue!)

[*] Fixed some donation ranks

[-] Removed featherboard due to high demand


In addition to this update, it is now required before you register on the website, to have your minecraft character linked to your enjin account. This is because too many people don't know how to read my "HOW TO POST ON THE WEBSITE" thread that's a global announcement, as well as a stickied thread. Being asked in game how to post is getting overly obnoxious, so we're simply not going to reply any more. People that are already registered on our site and don't have their minecraft character linked to their account will be forced to link it before doing anything on this website. We hope this clears things up. 



18 Apr 2017

This is a very small update, but one well needed. Here are the changes.

[*] Decreased chance of receiving a donor rank by ~125%
[*] Appointed Cocknut as Staff Manager
[*] Closed all accounts that didn't link their Minecraft character

Cameron | Jr. Mod -> Mod
Vimptow | Player -> Mod

Updates will take affect upon next server restart. Promotions will be immediate.

Additionally, we will no longer be tolerating some questions regarding staff applications. Because of the recent "incidents", I may be creating a FAQ page sometime in the near future. In the meantime, please view my post under "News and Announcements" on the forums.