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I have had quite some good and bad experiences over my time playing Rust up until now. I have played servers where the administrators are very kind, I have played servers where the administrators are total *bleep*s. Before Rust Experimental was out I had a successful server. Unfortunately I was forced to close it because many people had left due to immature staff (myself as staff included). It was my first time hosting and I did not know how exactly a staff member should behave in Rust. It turns out people like to play when there are "no admins" around. Nobody telling them what to do and nobody different from one another. So this is what I am going for; I want my players to feel equal with the staff. I want myself and the staff to play the game like regular players while still maintaining the integrity of the server and the quality support we all wish for. I aim to be as friendly and as helpful as possible towards other players while keeping up a healthy dose of professionalism. Hopefully everyone will agree with this! Haha. While I do like PVP (It's just fun) I encourage friendly behavior. Nobody will punish you ofcourse if you kill somebody new but please, It's just evil, dark and mean. I really wish for this server to be successful and I am looking forward to be playing with awesome new players. Since I host everything myself (I do not rent) I have to pay quite a bit. It would make me sad to see that despite my effort nobody is interested in this server. If you have any suggestions or wish to help you are more than welcome to do so. My only goal is to have a small happy community going. Now I can keep telling you about my life but I'm sure it is getting boring. I would much rather see you in-game where I might breathe heavily into the microphone while sitting inside a bush during the night and actively staring at you making swall wood of a tree.

We have automatic lanterns, 2x crafting, large stacks (not limited to 1000), starter items, reduced C4 damage and more!
See you soon!

Please, visit this link in order to see what else we have to offer.

In order to be a good moderator you need to be professional, mature and most of all friendly at all times. There will be no payment as we do not have any income.

We are looking for multiple moderators so feel free to apply!

As an advertiser you are expected to bring the word about the server around. As we do not have any financing you will currently not be paid only by many grateful thanks.