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Version Vanilla 1.12.1
Type Blizzlike Classic PVP 1x Rate Progressive Content Active Devs No Bugs No Lag No Cheats Raids
Last Update13 Jan 2019
Join Date09 Dec 2018

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Rain and thunder is a true and peaceful vanilla server that will give players many hours of exitement and adventure in a quality world of azeroth. We are the crew that will make sure mirroring back to vanilla as good as it can, that the server is running smooth and that the game is as bugfree as possible. We want to be knowned as a quality vanilla server in regards to a fair and fun playing enviorment. To give players feeling of an epic adventure when they are playing on Rain and Thunder.

Giving our players support and help whenever they need it, is an important task for us and we will gladly help anyone who is in need of it. It will maybe take some time for us to be able to solve certain issues at times, but we will dedicate ourselves to do what we must to give the player a good and quality bit of time in the game.

We have a zero tolerance for what we like to call grey zone stuff. We are not tolerating cheats on our servers like a third-party bot, buying gold from real money, selling in-game service, gold etc. However, multi-boxing is allowed to a certain degree! Also, instance boosting between players is allowed. This was also allowed back in vanilla.


We can offer things like:

- Blizzlike Server
- Anticheat System
- Progressing Content Patches
- Scripted Dungeons and Raids
- Helpful Admin/Gms
- Active Community
- Currently in patch 1.2 Maraudon.
- PvP server
- No donors, cheats, p2win.


Rain And Thunder
set realmlist connect.rainandthunder.net

Enjoy Vanilla!