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Version 1.8.8
Type Faction Pvp Raidin Highly interactive Owner Join to find out Chat Reaction Janitor Forum rewards
United States
Last Update02 Apr 2017
Join Date29 Nov 2016

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I don't feel like filling this with a bunch of nonsense so basically uh, if you feel like my server may be right for you, feel free to join. Factions, PVP, Raiding, Reaction chat for some fun and great voting rewards.

Change Logs
19 Dec 2016

This week's changes and updates:

- Fixed spawn signs so everyone has access, an example being the repair sign.

- Edited numerous essential messages, an example is using the AFK command, the text is different.

- Added a mining block rewards plugin, an example is mine 5,000 blocks get a reward!

- Created a mining crate with numerous rewards to make mining blocks more worth it.

- Enderpearls are now disabled in spawn and in shop.

- Donator only cow and pig spawners are now accessible to strictly donators only.

- More words to unscramble in chat when players are online. Rewards $500 and one Diamond per correct answer.

- The nether is now fixed, wouldn't let people use portals to get there.

- The Eye Of Ender vote link is now changed to Minecraft-MP and works! Meaning extra rewards!

- The /wild command will only work after doing /warp wild, /wild has a 5 minute delay.

- Every 20 votes you get a free Creeper Egg and some bonus cash!

Shop price updates:
Selling 64 Sugarcane for $640 ==> $480
Selling 32 Lapis Lazuli for $96 ==> $128
Selling 32 Raw Porkchops for $320 ==> $200
Selling 32 Raw Beef for $320 ==> $200
Selling 8 Iron Ingots for $80 ==> $120
Selling 8 Gold Ingots for $160 ==> $320
Selling 32 Redstone dust for $96 ==> $64
Buying 1 Pufferfish for $800 ==> $500
Buying 16 TNT for $1,600 ==> 8 for $4,000 (A little extreme, but TNT is overpowered.)
Buying 1 Creeper Egg for $100,000 ==> $70,000
Buying 1 regular Golden Apple for $800 ==> $1,200
Buying 1 Beacon for $500,000 ==> $400,000