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Hello and welcome to Epic Modded Not The Island Shigo Island Ark Server Steam Group. Location: Texas Slots: 30 SteamGroup: EpicModdednotTheIsland Settings Taming: 10 EXP: 10 Harvest: 4 Breeding: 4 BabyMature: 4 EggHatching: 4 MatingInterval: 4 DaysSpeed: 1 NightsSpeed: 1 Difficulty: 3 Gigas: Yes Direct Connect (Open Steam Then Click): steam://connect/ We all talk on Discord! Come Join us! Join Link: https://discord.gg/0mhz0aj8AdwxVIkF Admins: -Arden Pacific TZ
-Odin Central TZ
-ProxFire Central TZ What we offer:
-Active Admins
-Tame Protection (Read Rules)
-Offline Raiding Mod
-Events (Coming Soon)
-Pet Finder
-Corpse Finder
-Shingo Map
-30 Slots (Will increase as the popularity increases)

Change Logs
22 Feb 2016

Anyone looking for a fun pvp/pve server then check us out! We have amazing admins with just enough mods to make the game more fun. We are running a different map then the default Island one. The maps called ShigoIslands and It's like playing a totally different game.


Direct link for the server is right here. Tho you must have steam open for it to work.