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Version 1.8.x1.12.x
Type Survival Skywars Team skywars Anvil Search Capture the Flag
United States
Last Update25 Sep 2017
Join Date14 Sep 2017

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L3tPlay - And so the revolution begins...

Welcome to L3tPlay! You can play in our network:
-> SkyWars: The classic SkyWars minigame. Loot all of your chests, and fight in the sky!
-> Anvil Search: An unique gamemode, you have 1 minute to hide your anvil. Then the wall will fall and you need to find all enemy anvils!
-> Super Survival: A classic Survival game, with tons of new items, machines, and much more!
-> Capture the Wool: Capture the wool and get back to your base in one piece!

What are you waiting for! Join now!

Change Logs
25 Sep 2017

SkyWars 2 is now online!

Our SkyWars minigame has been completely revamped, with brand new features such as:

-> Hardcore Health!

-> Chest Voting!

-> Waiting lobby instead of just waiting in the cage.

-> Party system has been completely revamped too!

-> Chests have been completely redesigned with new loot!

-> World border to avoid campers.

-> Play Again item when you die!

-> Better loot at middle!

-> Coin bonus if a ranked player was in that game!

-> And much more!

However, due to technical issues some features have been removed. They will come back later!