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Type Active Admin Oxide HomeSystem Tpa Zlevels Auto Doors Events Clans Quicksmelt cracked
Last Update14 Aug 2017
Join Date18 Apr 2016

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To connect to our server, press F1 and paste to console: client.connect rust1.knights-table.net:28241


Now hiring active admins



Active Plugins:

- Quicker Smelting
- Kits (/kit starter)
- Auto Door Closer
- No friendly fire on clan members
- Player Teleport
- Home Teleport
- Clans
- Friends
- Private Messaging
- Polling
- Events
- Zones
- ZLevels Remastered


Commands List:

Clan Plugin:

/clan (gives you info about the clan plugin)
/c Message (Sends a message to all clan members)
/clan create "TAG" "Description" (Creates a new clan and makes you the owner)
/clan join "TAG" (Joins a clan that you've been invited to)
/clan leave (Leaves the current clan you're in)
Clan moderator
/clan invite "Player Name" (Invites the specified player to the clan)
/clan kick "Player Name" (Kicks the specified player from the clan)
Clan Owner
/clan promote "Name" (Promotes the specifed clan member to moderator)
/clan demote "Name" (Demotes a moderator back to a regular member)
/clad disband forever (Disbands your current clan, can not be undone)



/tpr "NAME" (allows you to request to teleport to a player) (a daily limit of 25)
/tpa (accepts teleport request)
/sethome "Name" (Sets your home location) (Maximum of two homes)
/listhomes (Shows you a list of your currently set homes)
/removehome "Name" (Removes the specified home location)
/home "NAME" (Teleports you to that specified home)
/warp to safezone (trade area safe zone)
/warp list (To see all warps)

/pm "NAME" "Message" (Sends a private message to the specified player)

/r "Message" (Replies to a private message)

/ping (Shows you your ping)

/map (Full Map) [F1--bind m "LustyMap map"--writecfg]

/setwp (Allow you to set a visual beacon

/wp (Toggles the beacon on or off)



Use only english in global chat and happy gaming!

Join our TeamSpeak server @ ts.knights-table.net:10043