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Version 1.12.2
Type PVP PVE City Rpg RPG Ranks Survival RPG RPG
United States
Last Update04 May 2016
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Imperial Craft is a RP (Role Play) server set in the year 1880. In game, you can chose to live in the capital city, Newington, where you can become a prominent government official, a church clergy member, a shopkeeper, a seamstress, a factory worker, a Rail Road Staff member - almost any job imaginable! If you do not want to live in the city you can chose to live in the wilderness, or you can found your own Colony or Town! Anything is possible..... The last Imperial Craft server served its players well for over three years, and we want to ensure that this newly designed server will bring an even higher quality of player experience. With a brand new Capital (spawn) city design that is more interactive and lower on lag, we hope we can bring it to our players. Well configured plugins will now aid a player in his or her own triumphs on Imperial Craft. Questions or Concerns, please e-mail Ian James, the Owner and Builder, at [email protected]