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Version 877 RS3
Type Eco Eco Server Economy Rs3 Grand Exchange Custom Content 25x XP Rate
United States
Last Update07 Mar 2018
Join Date08 Oct 2016

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In Development:

We are currently working on 887 new revision. Try our test server released on 25 January 2018.

A bit of info:

The game is mostly economy based but pvp is also an option, rates are x25 and double in weekends, RS3 real content with all working skills, dungeons, bosses, Araxxor fully scripted, Vorago working 100% with Normal and Hard mode, Grand Exchange linked to website, custom content and dungeons, home teleports and custom commands, working tasks and much more. You may trade Bonds in game for GP to gain free membership, no need to use real money. There are various efficient systems running online to prevent macros and auto-clicking, play fair and enjoy!