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What is Frost Flame? Frost Flame is a Unique community driven 1.8 Vanilla Minecraft server that prides itself on building strong bonds with our players in order to develop and enhance the overall experience for all our players. Frost Flame is designed as a place for player to come hangout and enjoy themselves while being able to so in a mature and thriving environment that prides itself on being, non-bias, respectful and diverse. How did Frost Flame begin? - The story behind the server   
Frost Flame began as a small 4 person private server that was driven and motivated to become something much bigger. throughout its infancy, Frost flame has welcomed many new players and supporters from all around the globe. The server was founded by our Hokage Arcticmouse2 a strong, kind and determined leader whose mission was to bring the server to the top. During its early development, some players saw us as just another werewolves and Vampires Role play server. While we do use the werewolf and vampire plugins, we do not strictly rely on these two plugins to identify our server. To clarify, we are a server that offers a much wider variety of features and fun activities, to include but not limited to: Hunger Games (still in development) Block Hunter - Hide and Seek Adventures (Coming soon) Funky Blocks - Our Do Not Laugh mini game with a creative twist (coming soon)

Our Creative Plots (In Development) Werewolves and Vampires combined with a Naruto Theme to add a unique and immersive Roleplay adventure for our visitors Much more to come! 

As one can see, Frost flame's focus is both mini games and RPG story telling through interactive community based environments. How long has Frost Flame been in development? Frost Flame has been in development for approximately 4 and a half months. We have made major progress on several aspects of the server including the RPG areas, spawn a sky wars arena as well as other activities that are currently in development. How do I Join? Currently, seeing as though, we are still building and getting ready for our Closed Alpha Day, registrations and requests to join have been opened on a limited basis for Beta testers only! However, If you are still interested in getting a sneak peak on our progress, you are always welcome to watch our Live stream channel or twitch feeds on YouTube via our inside the fridge series for sneak peak previews of our staff working on the features and content that will appear in the server when it opens to the public. Sing me Up! Register for Free to join as a Beta User   References and other Links Register for the Grand Opening Event Resource Pack Download Ban appeals form Read our Rules before Registering Meet the staff behind the server   Sponsors