EU - PvPvE - 3x XP - 4x Gather - 10x Tame


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Version 236.2
Type PVP 3x XP 4x Gather 10x Tame PvPvE Challenging Mature
Last Update18 Nov 2015
Join Date18 Nov 2015

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[EU][PvPvE]Uncut Gaming[XPx3][GATHERx4][TAMEx10] Location: Ireland Slots: 100 Tribute Downloads: Off Player Location: Off Crosshair: Off Third Person: Off PvP Gamma: Off Admin Logging: On Difficulty Offset: 1 (Max level 120 Wild Dino) Player Level: Official (89) Dino Level: Official (Wild+Effectiveness+56) Experience: 3 Gathering: 4 Taming: 20 Dino Count: 1.5 Day Cycle: 0.5 Day Speed: 0.5 Night Speed: 2 Structure Damage: 1.7 Structure Resistance: 0.4
Other Notable Tweaks : Player Food/Water Drain: 0.75 Player Damage: 1 Player Resistance: 2 Dino Food Drain: 0.5 (this gives server taming speed of 10) Wild Dino Damage: 2 Wild Dino Resistance: 0.5 Resource Respawn: x3 Resource Replenish Radius: x0.35 Item/Corpse Decomposition: x2 PvP Structure Damage: x3 Egg Hatch Speed: 10 Baby Mature Speed: 10
Connecting to Server: Steam Client > View > Servers > Favorites > Add Server by IP > Steam Group: Teamspeak Available, Tribe channels upon request Next Wipe January 14th Welcome to Uncut Gaming ARK Server. The approach of the server is to provide a challenging and fun environment at all times. We hope to build a strong community of friendly, dangerous and fair players. RULES
While we don't want much rules, going ahead without any would just cause chaos
No Hacking, Cheating or Glitching - Insta ban,
No Artifact Cave blocking - You can build near but please allow a safe distance from base defenses for fliers and ground access via natural terrain.
No Griefing - Don't kill new spawns. Passive Dinos are no threat to your raid.
No Obelisk blocking - We encourage tribes to tackle Spawning Broodmother.
No Excess Raid Destruction - Destroy whats needed to enter, don't level a base. Don't destroy open storage but feel free to destroy Smithy/Fabricator and Generator if you wish.
No Resource Node Blocking - Tribes seen doing so will get 1 warning before Admin intervention. Also similar to Artifacts, If you build near make sure base Defenses allow free harvesting.
Other Caves are Open - Just remember you will take 3times the damage if you do so choose to build. Why Server Settings where chosen Why Experience x3?
We wanted to keep it low enough that you feel progress but at the same time we don't want to drag the early/mid levels out. Gaining access to late game items doesn't seem rewarding as soon as you step on the beach and don't even have a thatch hut. Do you gain access to all Engrams?
No you don't. We want you making choices in everything you do. BUT you do gain access to more Engram points than Official servers do. Every Increment of 5 levels you achieve you receive the official amount plus that level number in Bonus. Why Gathering x4?
There is nothing worse than picking up one stone at a time since everything requires it. We could have modified just stone but felt a flat increase across the board be better. We felt 4 times would keep things slow enough so that build progressed in steps but at the same time fast enough for you to gain shelter from the wild. Whats with the Taming?
The server setting for Taming is x20 but since we have opted to have Dino food drain at x0.5 that cuts the Taming time in Half. We don't want people to feel they have to log on just to feed their idle tames. While a multiplier of 10 seems quite high it still allows for the use of Kibble. Tames become 10-15min which seems really fast but without Kibble you still have 30min -1hr+ Tames. It's also worth noting Tamed Dino can and will be lost to the wild.