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Last Update18 Apr 2019
Join Date05 Apr 2019
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Our gaming community wanted to move to different Survival games so we decided to go for dayz we are aiming for the best experience in survival games and best server performance as possible. please use Launcher called DZSA to join our server easiest way to do it : we would love to hear feedback

Change Logs
07 Apr 2019

We have upgraded our server Ram, slots still stays as 36 untill we get active people playing our server.
server itself is 80slots but we only have 36 active slots.

Looking into:
-Weapon spawnrate
-Zombie spawnrate
-Zombie spawnradious
-Base supply spawnrate
-Vehicle spawnrate and vehicle part spawnrate.

These will be changed, some will be increased some will be decreased.

Thank you for your feedback and support! hope to see you soon

07 Apr 2019

We have added few more zombies to create somewhat survival feeling on the server, (specially in Military areas)
allso decreased some modded in weapon spawnrates, and increased "weak" weapon spawnrates.

Base supplies have been increased with 0.5% and respawn time lowered (faster respawn).

Vehicle spawns increased with 10 and vehicle parts increased 0.5% and respawn time lowered (faster respawn)

Working on custom trader NE part of the map. (going to be more expensive because closer to spawn areas) but selling prices will be the same, allready in our test server but server crashes as soon as we open trader menu so we are trying to fix that before putting it  in to the server.

Going to create pools once a week IF we get mod suggestions what mods we try to implement to our server.

Thank you for feedback and your support! hope to see you soon! :)

10 Apr 2019

We have added more heli crashes in our server for Players to hunt.
Planning on adding alot more stuff in few upcoming days, feel free to join and test server out with helicrashes ;)

Thank you for your support and hope to see new players soon :)

14 Apr 2019

Added more mods for better experience inside of the server.
(for example remove $UNT$ and bullet stack)
more things will be added in short future.
started doing events inside of the server (Events will be taken place when enough players are in the server)

Thank you for all of your support and hope to see some new faces to visit our server! 

16 Apr 2019

Fixed some bugs what caused people to disconnect. server is back on stable and we are planning on fixing some other issues in following days.
thank you all for reports and for your support!
hope to see you all soon!