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Official Lone-Wolves [ Garry's Mod Server ]
Our community aims to deliver you the best possible care by supplying you with the fun you need. Join us today and join our teamspeak - *
Garry's Mod Server Information: FAQWhat map do you use?: We use rp_rockford_v1bCan I apply for staff and what are the requirements?:Our requirements are you are teamspeak active, forum active and server active. Also have six hours playtime**. Making sure you have had no warnings in the past 7 days. And you know the general stuff find out more on our forums.How can I donate?:Simply go onto our forums and go onto the donate section of Donate -> Garry's Mod Server -> How do I donate.***

* Terms of Use on join apply** six hours may vary check your playtime here - javascript:nicTemp(); Just click there and search for your player*** Donations In game are still being setup and need donations to do so. We need $14.99 to get a GMOD donation system.

Change Logs
26 May 2015
Fixes Fixed: gPhone bug - Not opening gPhone when held G down. Fixed: Lua errors appearing in console about jobs not working + fixed jobs. Added Added: Bin Man job, truck, dumpsters and trash bags for you to bag your unwanted props and put them in your dumpster Added: School bus with working photon lights Added: Fire Alarm System. Next to do's: Add fireman job, Make better layout for jobs, Add bank robbery system [ Maybe ] Add NPC Jobs [ Need Donations And Support ] Add Better HUD
26 May 2015
*UPDATE* Updated to BETA We are now V.3.6 20:48 UK Time

We are hiring. And are pretty much always looking for staff. Even if we are full on staff hopefully we can keep track of you and make you a reserve!