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Launched on October 8, 2017, Durward Codec had its project started in the year 2008, the purpose of the game is to keep all the characteristics of its original great game Tales of Pirates, and to expand all the wealth that already has in your roots. Therefore we have made expansions, we work hard to create, add and develop new missions, maps, equipment, monsters and adventures that are exciting.
For being a server inspired by the original, nothing less than: 1x Solo, Party, Drop, Fairy, Ship.
Dual Language System:
- We are Brazilian developers and therefore, we made several modifications in the game in order to adapt to the ENGLISH and PORTUGUESE languages. For this reason there are 2 clients in the game folder where Client PT (Will run the game on Português) and Client USA (Will execute the game in English).
- When you start the game on your first mission "The Initiation" the player will be directed to choose your language by complete the mission with Brazillians - Newbie Guide Zoe in case you wish to Portuguese, or with Americans - Newbie Guide Iris in case you wish English.
- New missions will always contain indicative TAGS like [EU] for English or [PT] for Portuguese. When starting a new mission which has continuation, with any of the tags, every continuation will follow in the first chosen language.
New Missions and Epic Adventures:
- Discovery if you are the legendary warrior fulfilling missions based on the ZELDA game, the missions are located on a legendary map called Link Memories.
- Become the Shadowmaster by uncovering secrets about the shadows that haunt the regions of Ascaron, Magical Ocean, Deep Blue and Alternative Argent.
- Are you bravery? So maybe you can beat some of the strongest bosses in the game to complete the Bravery Proof quest, and get a Black Dragon Gold Apparel and the Godfather title.
- Participate in Monster Hunter missions working for the Tribal Leader and win rewards and prizes.
- Meet the Twin Bosses Vin and Seron in a high-level battle in the Alternative Underground mission.
- Missions like these are some of the things you will find here.
New Exclusive Story Quests for Alternative Argent:
- Venture into the new exclusive Story quests of the Alternative Argent City. As you move forward, you will discover new worlds and monsters as well as things that will help you grow in the game.
- Missions of the new Story quest has the indicative TAG [<>].
- Complete new story missions provide Honor Points and Skill Points.
New Maps with Peculiar Characteristics:
Alternative Argent: New main city created to be the 4th most important city of the game, it has riches inspired by Original Argent as well as the other main cities, it keeps most of the secrets and many of the novelties can be seen here, since the Original Cities can also be accessed in-game.
Alternative Underground: Located on the borders of the new main city Alternative Argent. It is a mysterious cave for high level players.
Link Memories: A inspired map by The Legend of Zelda with a special mission, The Powers of Tri-force.
Infernal Abyss: Take on the Infernal Abyss Challenge with a group of 5 players, and discovery how mcuh far you can survive, get winning prizes in return. This map is open every Wednesday, Friday and Sunday.
Angel Isle: Accessible only with the new history mission of Argent Alternativa, the new map contains several new missions.
Mystic City: Accessible only with the new Story Quests of Alternative Argent, it allows players to strengthen your unseal weapons to special weapons, as well as contain another special mission involving the Abyssal Frozen Dragon and make use of Mystic Runes to remove the seal of more equipment easily.
Volcanic Island: Portal located on the boundaries of the new Angel Isle map, has lava monsters, a tenebrous map but made for players of lower levels to experience their first boss battle.
Christmas Bar: Located in the Alternative Argent City, an area dedicated to leisure and PvP.
Coliseum: New PK map with lives system, great for fighting between guilds and the like.
Cemetery: New PK map, battle against other players to take down the Pirate Law Guard, and get great value items in the game.
Ice Dragon Lair: New map, the lair of the mighty Abyssal Frozen Dragon.
Buy miscellaneous items for credits on the Site:
- Players can get credits by voting in our game to increase the ranking, this will be rewarded with credits.
- It is also possible to get credits by getting disciples and swapping the reputation earned by credits on the site.
- In addition to getting credits by voting in our game and leveling disciples, players can exchange their credits for items at the Award Center with a 50% discount by the end of 2017.
Other Interesting Features:
- Here you can also do HEXA! In the same time event by Original Tales of Pirates. Can you only obtain the Super Candies at the Award Center.
- The Game receives great updates, events, quality and commitment, are things that will not be missing here.
- Game Support is great, players can get support in case of problems quickly, you can talk to one of our GMs through the official Facebook page.
- Stream LIVES also occur periodically here, but at the present moment these are done only in Portuguese.
If you want to know more about the game, visit us on Social Networks or check out our official trailer.
Official Trailer : https://youtu.be/hYtxmFe-Jkk/ 
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/DurwardCodec/
YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCwyRljrnvE_103ljYZ2cACQz/
Official Web Site: http://durwardcodec.online/