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Version 1.12
Type medieval survival rpg customcoded custom map skyrim quests towny
United States
Last Update22 Sep 2017
Join Date22 Sep 2017

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Our server, DelseyriaRPG, is a medieval RPG server with quests and slight roleplay based off a three year old community which was initially a skyblock server.
The server has been sitting idle for a while due to the lack of motivation from my side, but worry no more, as now I am back and I am willing to update it with new content. However, since most of my staff members have quit I am in need a set of new active and helpful staff members in order to help the server progress and expand the community.
As much as we need a staff team, we are also looking for a community, so consider playing on the server instead of applying for a position on it. Nobody appreciates staff hoppers, and no one likes to be a staff member on a dead server without a community either! It's just not that fun, is it?Now, you may be wondering yourself, what's the community based on? How does the server work? What can I do on the server?
Imagine a blender. Now imagine a normal generated world, a regular community, basic plugins and no goals. Put all of that in the blender you just imagined. What's the outcome?
Yes, you guessed it. A mixture of useless junk that should be thrown out of a window. But fear no more! Our server's not like that!With a fully 15000x15000 hand-drawn map, a friendly community, custom plugins, quests, NPCs, RPG aspects and a lot of other extras to mention, we are certain that our server provides a unique and fun experience to the community!
Not yet satisfied? Contact me on Discord and I will convince you to join! ItsGamingSoni#8545 is my Discord name if you want to have a nice chat with me!


We are currently looking players capable of doing the following;

Beta testing
Web managing
Playing on the server!
Inviting friends and family
Brainstorming and suggesting
Building and terraforming landscape
Backstory, quest and NPC biography writing
Weapon, items and armor balancing and editing
Recording YouTube videos or streaming the server
Administrating the server and enforcing commandments
Writing articles, news, reviews and detailed guides or tutorials
Advertising the server, offering consultation and helpful tips and tricks

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