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Version 317
Type 30 Bosses Scam Safe Gambling
Last Update25 Jun 2018
Join Date24 Oct 2014

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    100% bank tabs
    In game lottery system
    2011 era high detail client
    Core re-work for great server stability.
IronMan Mode.
    Friendly and active community yet a lil small.
    Perfect item switches for amazing hybridding.
    Perfect combat formulas almost identical to Rs.
    It is free to play can get all items if you play free
    Almost every skill working.
    A hard working owner who listens to his players.
Triple exp weekends
    Pk Points for killing players and Voting Points both with amazing reward shops.
    Many bosses to defeat!
    The server is hosted on a powerful Server
    Highscores to compete with your friends
    Choose your own exp rates
    Quite some fully working minigames
    And many, many more features join today to see them for your self!

Why should you choose to play Deathwish over other servers?

 A very good question.. But a very simple answer which is, Deathwish cares about it's players, it cares about it's economy, it cares about how the server is ran and what the players suggest and what they want. We do everything we possible can to ensure that the players of Deathwish enjoy playing the game and get the most friendly, fun and enjoyable game play they can!


 The server does frequent updates, you can view all/most of the updates that happen on Deathwish on the updates on the forums. Deathwish focuses on every players enjoyment, we have every aspect of game-play that we know players enjoy PvM, PvP, skilling,Minigames you name it we have it! We are not like other servers which are ignorant to there players and just ignores there opinions and even ignores there players when they talk to them.. I have played over 50 servers over the past 4 years and have watched very carefully how the best servers are ran and also how the bad servers are ran, I have learnt there mistakes and adapted to how the best servers are ran which is why Deathwish is the place for you

Change Logs
15 Nov 2014
Fresh eco since 2014-11-12
01 Dec 2014
Bought vb license a lil while ago currentlty working on it!
02 Dec 2014
Vb almost fully done Reworking the client since the content is good but the teleports are not also reworking the vote system to a point where u get cerft instead of ptsand reward
29 Jan 2015
Alot you can read all recent updates here: I also post them on our public facebook from time to time: Latest New Mainpage: some small ingame adjustments
10 Jun 2015
Working on a pvp server will be finished sooner when the owner of stops x hacking all day! i got a heap of evidence but a mod on rune-server coffers his ass

Looking for a Client developer who knows how to pack content into the cache willing to pay good

Looking for someone who is good with 317 client's
Paying trough paypal or skrills
[email protected]