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Get to know us
Server has been Online for almost 2years. The server can handle a good amount of players without any lag if any lag is found we always make sure we find the issue and try to fix it ASAP. We're also a server which tries its best to get the server working without any bugs, The staff team is always there to help players, We also have players who are titled 'Helpers' which always backup the staff and help them with helping other players, these players are experienced players who know most of the game so they're there to help you at any time, All skills work we're currently working on the skill summoning which hopefully will be released soon to the public, The combat is rewritten and we're hoping for PKers & Hybrids to come on our server to try it out so we can have feedback on the server's combat and fix it to make it suitable for all players, Switching is amazing and is worked on every time an issue happens with it, We try our best to keep the server stable & all the players happy.


Pest Control(Npc Vs Npc) & Barrows & Fight Pits.
Real RS Auto casting.
New hit-marks(Maybe a toggle in the future?)
Perfect Switching.
All Prayers are done properly, Correct draining rates & correct effects.
Amazing Background & LoginScreen.
Quick Prayers & Curses.
Amazing Duel Arena System, Tested w/no dupes, Way less glitches than most servers. Amazing server for people who enjoy staking.
Slayer System to make sure players can easily make money, Not only do you get to have points to buy stuff from the slayer shop, but random items!
All Skills working perfectly, few skills remain to be re-made but will be done sooner or later.
Amazing Clan-Chat system, Ranking & Managing your CC (Will be updated more features in near future)
Perfect Privacy(Private OFF, ON, Friends) w/saving to make sure players aren't annoyed by other people.
Reply to your PM's without adding anyone by clicking TAB.
Full-Screen Resizeable, X10 hits toggle, F keys & etc.
Combat System fully redone still in test-stages so bugs w/combat do exist.
And many other features which you'll notice when you log in server, wasting time reading this won't help ;)
Join us fast and enjoy a real server with everything you need!