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Version 1.8.8
Type custom pvp Kit PvP Special Events Action Arena Pvp Oppvp Dueling Drop Party
United Kingdom
Last Update01 Dec 2017
Join Date20 Jul 2017

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CosmeticMC is one of the best running PvP servers ever, today, we have come much further from our BETA, and we update regularly Economy pvp Play duels and fight in pvp to win tokens. Use these tokens to attain better armour and weapons for pvp with the custom enchant system.

Change Logs
01 Dec 2017

Hello and welcome everyone to the brand new, much anticipated, "spend so much time, money, blood, sweat and tears" RE-OPENING Of COSMETICMC! We, the whole staff team would love for you to come along, join and have a wonderful time. Cosmetic is now bigger, better and stronger than it ever was before- with brand new custom plugins, gear, rewards and a unique playing experience, which we want to share with you guys, the amazing community. So what are YOU waiting for? Come and join and never regret a single second playing- the world and future of CosmeticMC awaits you....
Yours- Ghas, CosmeticMC Administrator, on behalf of our Staff Team