Classified Prison


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Version 1.9
Type Prison Pvparenas Custom Ranks DonatorRanks Player Ranks Ranks Gangs Bounties Crates Buycraft
United States
Last Update09 Nov 2015
Join Date22 Oct 2015

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    We are glad to announce that the server will be opening very soon! If you’re interested in joining, make sure to check back here every day to make sure you know how to join, and when it’s open.
Just want everyone to know you can connect to the server using the following IP:
This server has a lot of perks over the last one, a few of them include:
Player Gangs
Gang Perks
Gang Levels
Gang Rivalry
Gang Fights
Prestige Ranks
Prestige Perks
Automatic Vote Parties
Trails & Particle Effects
Mine Bombs & Rockets
& more to come!!

Change Logs
09 Nov 2015
Added TokenEnchant for players to enchant their pickaxe. Will be adding PvP enchants in the near future