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Type Altis Life RPG Apex Life
United States
Last Update01 Jul 2016
Join Date01 Jul 2016

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We strive to bring player(s) and role-player (s) access to a variety of enhanced software's, and scripts to the role-playing services we provide. We're one of the top United States themed community provided efficiency and environment for player(s) to explore and adventure.

Change Logs
01 Jul 2016

Server Values:

Added Cloth $209 (Sell)
Added gunpowder $2000 (Sell)
Added Metal Fragments $500 (Sell)
Added Gun Parts $10000 (Sell)
Added Repair License $24000
Added Bounty Hunter License 214500
Charged bread processing $0
Texture configuration:

Taxi Offroad.
Repair Offroad.
Add-on configuration:

Added new Intro.
Added new License repair services.
Added new Licesnes Bounty Hunter
Added Intro Messages.

Added Bounty Hunter Script
Added, Removed or Edited map assets:

Added Kavala Bounty Hunter HQ.
added Kavala info shop.
Added Kavala Bank Robberable.

01 Jul 2016

Server Values:

Server Starting Cash increased to $10,000
Altis Quad-bike Cash decreased to $2,500
Bread processing cost decreased to $0
Texture configuration:

EMS Box Texture. @SwAtRaNgEr
Police Hatchback Texture. @SwAtRaNgEr
Bounty Hunter Unifrom Texture. @SwAtRaNgEr
Bounty Hunter Car Texture. @SwAtRaNgEr
Bounty Hunter Icon Texture. @SwAtRaNgEr
Taxi Vehicle Textures.
Civ Vehicle Textures. @SwAtRaNgEr
Kavala Billboards. @SwAtRaNgEr
Addom configuration:

Added Starter Guide (Easier Cash).
Added new resouces artificially Artefacts, melons.
Added new items Detector, Spl Pickaxe,
Added Army Re.
Added More News
Added Intro Messages.
intro 1.ogg

Added Crafting Script.
Added Intro Cam Script.
Added Progression / Talent Script Script.
Added Gang Capture Script.
Added Persistent Messages Script.
Added Drug Effects Script.
Added Bounty Hunter Script
Added, Removed or Edited map assets:

Added Prygos port.
Added Prygos Prison.
Added Prygos Nato Base.
Added Prygos Police Station.
Added Athira Police Station.
Added Sofia Police Station.
Added Kavala Bounty Hunter HQ.
added Kavala info shop.
Added Kavala fields.
Added Kavala processing.
Added Kavala Shops
Added Kavala HQ Offices.
Added Kavala Bank Robberable.
Added more Kavala lights.
Added Gas Stations in all stations.
Added Gang hideouts.
Added Altis Academy
Added FBI HQ.
Added CIA HQ

01 Jul 2016

Server Values

Decreased Gang Creation Price to $250,000
Texture configuration:

Sergeant's uniform added @SwAtRaNgEr
Detective Plain Cloths Added @SwAtRaNgEr
Detective Agent uniform added @SwAtRaNgEr
SWAT uniform added @SwAtRaNgEr
Supervisor uniform added @SwAtRaNgEr
Cadet uniform added @SwAtRaNgEr
Community Police Logo Added  @SwAtRaNgEr
Addon configuration:

Advanced Pickaxe gathering increased by x2
Added Gas Station store.
Added wood trader at Trade Center - Metal Section, Liquid Section.
Admin Addons:

Admin Compensate.
Admin DebugCon.
Admin Delete Vehicle.
Admin Fly, Ride.
Admin Freeze.
Admin Get ID.
Admin God Mode.
Admin Id.
Admin Info.
Admin Markers.
Admin Menu.
Admin Query.
Admin Restrain.
Admin Revive.
Admin Ride.
Admin Spectate.
Admin Stealth.
Admin Teleport.
Admin TpHere.
Admin TpInFront.
Admin TpTo.
Admin unrestrained.
Server Fixes:

Cement processing.
Copper processing.
Wheat text added.
Grape text added.
Diamond & Gold processing.
Salt processing.
Salt & Grapes gather.
Added, Removed or Edited map assets:

Added ATMs all around Altis.
Added more lights around Kavala.
Added more lights on main expressway.
Added Gas stations on main expressway.
Added Trade Center Sections.
Relocated Athria station to inner city.
Removed static police vehicles in Kavala.

01 Jul 2016

Server Values

Increased Wheat Price $600
Increased Wheat Sell Price $4599
Increased Bread Price $1005
Increased Bread Sell Price $999
Decreased Offroad,Quadbike,Hatchbag,Hatchbag sport sell price $0
Addon configuration:

beep 1.ogg
beep 2.ogg
intro 1.ogg
Added, Removed or Edited map assets:

Taxi License Added
Gas Stations
Server Textures:

Box Truck ems texture.