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Version 1.11
Type Hub
United States
Last Update02 Dec 2016
Join Date28 Nov 2016

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BudderKraft About: Welcome to BudderKraft Minigames. BudderKraft is a (currently) vanilla minigames hub server. Staff members: Maxxi_Boy - Owner ROARING_cephalos - Co-Owner DurablePeach277 - Moderator rihley55 - Builder CycloneRoman31 - Builder xSapphireDragonx - Builder BudderKraft is currently exepting new staff members*. Plugins: BudderKraft does not currently have any plugins... for the moment. We plan to add some soon. Disclaimers: No, BudderKraft is not copying off of SkythekidRS or Sky Does Minecraft. I have always called gold budder, and I'm not changing the name of the server because one other person on Earth calls it that. Please not that BudderKraft is still in Indev 0.4.1. *BudderKraft and its staff have the right to deny a request to join the BudderKraft staff.

Change Logs
02 Nov 2016

Beginning work on Parkour Maps.

Some cool supah secret stuff! (Don't ask, it's a secret!)

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*Some exceptions apply.

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Over 12 years of age.
Must be okay with having your work rejected.
Must understand that your work may be removed, modified or replaced.
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Must be a builder for 1 month before being given admin access.