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Welcome to Brutal Roulette. Thanks for joining us Here's some basic info on what we have to offer: OP Factions: This gamemode is great for players who want to PVP constantly, especially with Super Golden Apples. There are a ton of unique features and you get rewarded greatly on the server for thin

a general guide you should read over before applying for helper. I will explain the role of helper, and give you some tips for applying.

What does a helper do?
The job of a helper is to help. As a helper you should be able to type at a fairly quick speed. You should know a lot about factions, the plugins we use, and more so you can answer questions. You should nearly always be looking over the chat, ready to stop spammers and help people.

Here is a more specific job description of a helper:
Watch the chat - Warn & mute players for breaking chat rules
Answer questions in chat (how do I create a faction? how do I see the top voters this month? who is the owner?)
Inform players of the rules
Screen share players you suspect of hacking
Act as a 'middleman' for players who are trading
Help higher staff do their jobs (assist in finding hackers & rule breakers, help with tasks for the server)
If you think you want to be a helper on Brutal, here are some tips when applying:
Use good spelling and grammar.
Write a lot. You don't have to write too much, but spend a little bit of time on your application.
Explain why you'd be an efficient helper.
Act mature. Don't argue with people in-game or on the forums, as this can hurt your chances.
Format your application nicely.
Be patient. Don't ask staff to accept your application.
Don't highlight donations you've made - While being a donor certainly shows you're dedicated to the server, your donor status is one of the last things the owner considers when hiring helpers. There have been more member helpers than donor helpers.
If you aren't accepted, wait a while before applying again, and when you do be sure to improve upon your old application